W&Y hair: Model 2


W&Y hair: Model 2, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

I just had to share this hair from Waka & Yuki with you. W&Y became well known for their insanely cheap but really nicely done hair, but the brand has grown, and they have recently opened a sim of their own with an awesome new build, very regal and spacious.

Over time they have upped their prices a bit, but with the options they often offer with their hairdo’s 200 for 4 colours is still not a bad price at all. W&Y have not the best textures in my opinion, but they compensate with originality and accesoires.

This hair is from their Model section (Model 2) and i love it because a) I’m a total sucker for feminine short hair and b) I love the retro 60’s cut to this hair.

Other than W&Y I’m wearing Dutch Touch’s Amber skin, Paper Couture’s Diamond Pearl Menagerie jewelry and Donna Flora’s Nivea dress.

Slurls can be found here

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