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WTW Undies, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

Sometimes, scrolling the feeds, you see something and you think… why have I never been there yet? Like was the case when I saw the lingerie of WTW on Berry’s blog somewhere last month. So finally, earlier this week, I found some time to look up WTW by tomoe Zenkova, and check it out for myself. Oh Lord, the greed… It’s not often that I want to buy literally everything in a shop.. but I really had a hard time containing myself here. All the lovely, girly, frilly sets… but… I still maintained a little bit of common sense and only bought a few sets to take home and check out….. You know.. there could be horrible seams in that nice looking set… and how would the back look on these?

Well, let me reassure you… they are really well made… and how the back looks? I’ll leave that up to you to discover when you go get yours! Btw… I think I should mention all of these sets are under 100 L$?

Other assets: all hair by Truth, all skins by Exodi (Lily Oldies but Goodies make ups)

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