I’m so into snow right now that I don’t care that my cute anchored frock from Whippet & Buck is more navy themed than winter themed. I dressed it up  (well, kinda) to the season with Ducknipple’s Carrot sweater and Leagues offwhite gartered over the kneee socks and also from leage, I’m wearing suede mittens! Reek is where my favorite winter boots come from. The Chocolate Autumn boots from last year still need to be topped in look and virtual feel. They are the best as far as I’m concerned. Scarf and ear warmers are from Artilleri. I think the scarf is still available, but I remember that the ear warmers were some kind of special last year.

New is &Bean’s Old Bones skin. I’m wearing it the G rosy big brows with Lamb’s sleaphead hair in Kitkat.

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