Winter Boho

fashion LOTD

Analog Dog has released a lot of new hair lately, and  confess, I have been buying it all, because Queue has been upping her game, and the styles are very lovely and wearable! I’m wearing her latest style Washu. The hat has tons of retexturing otpions, so you you can play with it all you want.  Skin is Kate from PXL Creations, which will be released soon. Hopefully still this year, Hart Larsson!!!!! The mesh scarf from Surf Couture  is from a previous Collabor88 edition. I don’t know whether it is currently available.  The fishtail top is from Willow.  I absolutely love Nena Janus from League for her beautiful clothes and this Nomad Skirt (floral.cream) is among my favorites. Last but not least, I kept accessories simple with Mandala‘s 7Luck bracelet.

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