Wind of Change


So close to the end of the year, there will be some changes in my little shop Grapevine in Rue d’Antibes, but more on that when things are more laid out. While working on it, I have marked my current shapes down to 200 L$ (so that’s a 50% down). The current shapes, Linda, Crys, Inès, Deborah and Steve will retire once all the preparations for the new things are done, so get yours while they are still there.

All shapes are copy/mod/no trans, so no refunds apply. Try a big foot/big hand demo before you buy, and check the textures that come with the demo to see how the shape works with different skins.

And then there’s the poses…. I’m not sure what to do with them. I have lowered the price of the packs some time ago, hoping that would stimulate me to finish the new ones, but truth is, I’ve been blogging too much, and creating poses too little. Packs of 10 poses are still 250L$, single poses are now 40L$. I may just retire all of them in a bit, and perhaps bring some new ones in spring.

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