Whippet & Buck Bonita Eyelet Dress


It is no secret that I am a hard core fan of the work of Twiggy Whippet and Dakota Buck.  Kota is a long term friend of mine and I have been following her designs from the beginning ( I actually still have my Savvy? collection neatly tucked away in my inventory, and if it weren’t so mean to use items that are no longer available on the grid, I would use them in my outfits as well, because the designs still rock) and since Twiggy joined Kota in their current bran Whippet & Buck, the quality of said designs have only improved. The ladies have found their own, unique, style of laid back casual fashion, with amazing textures and a great fit of prim parts.

This is also the case with their latest release, the Bonita eyelet dress and blouse. Available in 6 beautiful pastels (wearing ivory here) , the dress is girly and always a good pick. Available as a separate is the blouse, also in 6 colours, but with a neatly finished hem so that it looks great on a pair of slacks as well.

The jewelry is also from Whippet & Buck. the pearls are small and the broad necklace has a really good fit.

Other than Whippet & Buck, I am wearing the latest work in progress from Hart Larsson @ PXL Creations and my favorite Clawtooth hairdo, True Betty in classic brunette.

SLurls can be found here.

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