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Rezzable and Sweden based RL model agency Nocturnal have partnered to bring their models into SL. Now it is no secret what my opinion is about content creators using RL (celebrity/model) faces to make portrait skins with in SL. I think that lacks integrity because it is obvious that said celebrities and/or models have unlikely given their consent to be transformed into SL retail skins nor are royalties being paid for the use of their image. But this is different… in this case, an agency, which has the commercial responsibility for the models under contract, and an in-world organisation have agreed to use the features of the models to make content with and they have found reputable content creators such as Tuli Asturias and Aemilia Case to produce the avatars. The result so far is 2 models being transformed, the blonde December and the redhead Mary Mahem. Tuli has used high rezz images of the models to create the skins with and then has created 6 make ups for each which fit the character of the skin as well as the eyes. Aems has made 2 hairs for each model and they turned out really well.

So what do I think about these skins. They are Tuli quality, that’s for sure. And I also think she captured the look of the models really well. I also think that Tuli in her normal work, uses textures that have a more drawn look. These to me look more photo than what I’m used to when I look at Tuli’s work. And the models, well, they are lovely girls, but different than what comes to my mind when I think model in SL. That is more of the runway kind of model whereas Nocturnal seems to be more in the fetish/goth niche. It fits the Crimson Shadow theme perfectly. As for me… I still feel odd wearing a face that is so clearly belonging to another living person. I think I’ll stick mostly to skins that may have RL reference material, but are not made to actually look like a RL person. Although they look different already when I use my own shape instead of the shapes that come with the skins as you can see below

Each set consists of a skin, shape, eyes and 2 hairs and is available for L$ 2200 at Crimson Shadow

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  1. WOW! I think these are amazing, they do still look like Tuli’s at the same time as being so true to the models. I’m off to try the demo, it would be interesting to see them on other shapes.

    OMG my verification word is ‘SPERM’ that’s a first 😀

  2. OMFG, are you kidding??? THat’s because it’s you, Creamster!

    /me is going to report blogger for exposing my 5 readers to obscenities

  3. Super-honest opinion is that what they “could do better” are the 2 shapes… probably it’s because the exact shapes would have looked awful in SL (like when you try to shrink your cheeks just a little it looks like u cut a piece of face off…).

    And I kind of agree with you, Grazia.
    In a way, SL hand drawn skins (or skins with a LOT of hand drawn work on real bases) are more ‘perfect’, to me. The creators make them for SL, and they know how to make them look perfect in SL.
    I am picky in that way with clothes, too. I think when an RL cloth is laid on the avatar, there’s some shades coming out that shouldn’t really be there.
    Plus, in SL I wanna be ‘meh’, Clio, not an RL model…

    [side note… I commented also cause I was TOO curious to see what my word verification would be, and I sadly inform you it’s just “shcre” :-/ ]

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