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It’s been a while, eh? I was looking forward to a calm year of consolidation after a rather tumultuous 2019, and then a pandemic happened. Yeah, I know you know, you’re in it too.. we all are… this weird forced stasis of self-isolation and physical distancing from everyone but your closest relatives, working from home if you are lucky enough to have kept your job, contacts with colleagues and friends through numerous zooms, jitsies and whathaveyou and awkward, hopefully properly masked, encounters with strangers during the weekly food run. Waiting at the entrance of the aisle in the grocery store for that other person to finish in there, trying to respect the prescribed distance.

It made life come all but to a halt, and at the same time, time is flying like never before. It feels like 10 years ago and yesterday that I closed the office door behind me when lockdown started and retired to a life of home office, baking bread, and early nights. Yes, I have been in SL. Plenty even. But for many reasons, I didn’t feel like posting here. What has changed now? I’m not sure. Maybe the fact that I truly panicked yesterday when I decided to perform an update to the blog, ended up installing a new theme and effectively fucking up 12 years of my blog history. I managed to get it all back eventually, but yeah, I may not be ready to give up on this place just yet.

So, here we are. Enough talk, time for some credits!

Head Fleur by Lelutka
Skin Lisa by Not Found (Uber)
Eyes Poppy by Heaux
Hair J0813 by Tram (Uber)
Lipstick Whiskey stained by Luxuria (I don’t think it has ever been released though. Really, they should, as well as make more make up!)

Don’s sunglasses by Stories & co
Earrings Isolde Gypsy Boho by Maxi Gossamer (oldies but goodies!)
Scarf Dallas by Salt & Pepper (gift at the Uber birthday edition)
Shirt Marley by Native Urban (Uber)
Vintage jeans by Maitreya (yeah, new stuff! Awesome jeans, great fit!)
Belt Elise by Blueberry

Terracotta backdrop by Milk Motion (Uber)

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