Weekly Newness @ Truth: February 25, 2010


The tee says it all… this week’s release @ Truth’s is Fucking Fabulous. From left to right: Milla, Ben, Chalice and Elysium. Oh and there is a new build from the one and only Barnesworth Anubis who has gone out of his way to obtain maximum aesthetic result with minimal use of textures for your low lag.. well… LOWER lag shopping experience. However… detaching your combat systems, paranoia radars, anti inspection shields (you don’t want us to think you wear copied stuff, do you?) attention begging bellies and “present arse” AOs are ALWAYS a good thing before tp-ing anywhere.


[2010/02/26 04:23]  Truth Hawks: lol
[2010/02/26 04:23]  Truth Hawks: yes!
[2010/02/26 04:24]  Truth Hawks: and penis
[2010/02/26 04:24]  Grazia Horwitz: that too
[2010/02/26 04:24]  Truth Hawks: well non scripted is ok with me
[2010/02/26 04:24]  Grazia Horwitz: i’ll add that
[2010/02/26 04:24]  Truth Hawks: no spurting peens
[2010/02/26 04:24]  Grazia Horwitz: you’re so quoted

T-shirt by T-Junction, skin Lua by Rockberry.

SLurls can be found here

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