Waternymph Collection @ Nicky Ree


Nicky Ree granted me a preview of this first gown in a new collection. Water Nymph Adrie is like water pixelfied… gorgeous textures with waterdrops and a wavy prim gown. It will be released on Saturday 28 may to the public and has been out for a bit for Nicky’s group members. While I’m showing your the blue version, I’m sure this gown will be released in vast range of colours that we’re used to from Nicky Ree.

I doubted for a bit what to wear with this beauty, and in the end I decided to pick Lucas Lameth’s Athena necklace and earrings to accesorise, because the prism ETD’s sea nymph hair in Abyss, which is not available anymore, but a perfect hairdo to wear with this.

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