Wake Me Not


Wake Me Not

I am a very, very lazy person when I have to be. Specially in the Holy month of Ramadan, when we are fasting, I often can’t be bothered to get up and do anything other than praying and well, eating when the time comes!
Well, today I am going to be writing a little about the new furniture set from NotsoBad, it is called the Wilfried set, It includes one sofa, two arm chairs and one coffee table. The texturing is as good as always, impeccable. The set itself is a minimal, sleek lined design, nothing curvy or fancy really, just something I would like to put in a clean room, no clutter, minimal and relaxing. The set is fully scripted, the animations include single and couple, the colors are changeable with a mouse click and all colors are vivid and the detailed textures make them a joy to behold!

The set is a total of 36 prims, nothing hefty, it has transfer permissions so you can gift it to your husband, your wife, your neighbour’s wife or your mistress.

I think the set is worth it if you are into interior decor or just want to touch up your SL house/skybox, it should make for an impressive addition.

For more details do visit the Notsobad official page – Wilfried Set (Click Me)

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  1. Almost Halfway there Hunain! Ramadan Kareem. You’re not kidding about the month though. I feel like a vampire sleeping all day and up all night. 🙂

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