Waiting For You to Come Home

fashion LOTD

I decided to go close the shutters, because, even though the sun is still shining, the clouds have become huge and lead grey. It won’t be long before the rain will be pouring down.  The wind is blowing around the place and the wood of the dock creaks.  When I gaze over the bay, I notice your small boat on the growing waves. You’re coming home. Hopefully you’ll be there before the storm hits!

  • Kik hair Fine-III(coffee) by as001 Littlething
  • Glam Affair Amelie Light – Bl 08 by Aida Ewing
  • Miel CHUM bracelet by Mika Nieuport
  • Mon Tissu Porter Jean Jacket – Used 2 by Anouk Spot
  • AOHARU LonglineTankDress BandanaRed by Machang Pichot

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