Vlinderboots, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

ok, another quick post… the fun thing about fundraisers is that you might discover some new to you designers. I’m not likely to wear claw shaped Myth Boots, or even the equine Hya Boots that always look totally adorable on others, so I never have visited Lazy Places before. But when I saw a plurk from Shir about the cute butterflies emanating from her boots, and subsenquently discovered that those boots, the vlinderboots, are on sale for Heart of Love, I decided to go get them. And they are so cute, they make me happy! The other things I’m wearing are jeans from Pixeldolls, the Anni telling stories stories shirt from Ornamental life, and a brown stole from Coco.

The skin I’m in today is Free Speerit’s Alice( currently not available. Sorry, I’ve seen the creator around and I supposed she was back in the saddle), and the hair is total cuteness from Mayamaya Creations.

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