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It’s being too much again. Too many event going on, sensory and pixel overload. Not all of them well promoted so most of the time this old fart of a blogger is like … what, who, when? I really don’t care , to be honest, because i’m happy with my regular events and not really that interested anymore in the eleventy billionth fair on the grid.

But… I’m a sucker for vintage clothing in both lives… shift dresses, New Look, influences from the 50’s when women still dressed like ladies and the men were still dapper. You know what I mean!

So I couldn’t resist a vist to Vintage & Cool fair. Thank you Shyla and Tricky from Belleza for sending me your  V&C skin Mae so I learned about this event! So yeah, that’s the gorgeous skin I am wearing today, I have added my own little beautymark which I bought years ago at L.Fauna and it has survived every inventory purge since! Mae comes in pale and medium skin tone and has 6 different make ups

I’m also wearing Iconic‘s Monroe hair, which is not the best out of the box fit, but once I fiddled a bit with it, it looks pretty gorgeous, no?
My satin bow pearls are an older Collabor88 release from Yummy and they fit the theme of this look perfectly. Pearls are never out of fashion, and always classy!
And then the dress. It’s Dandridge from Indyra and I just love what she does with textures. You just can’t really tell if it’s sheer of if there is a skin colored under dress, right? Good… I don’t like it when there is nothing left to imagine.
Last but not least, my shoes are from Ben’s boutique. Never heard of that shop before, but these pumps caught my attention and I just had to have them. They come in 2 versions, with and without straps and they are SLink compatible only.

The decor is from the Athens dining room set by Consignment from an earlier C88 edition.

Vintage & Cool fair runs through October 24:

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