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Being in a grim mood today, I decided to take pictures reflecting the same, life has it’s ups and downs yes but I believe composure is the key. We need to try to stay the same in both happiness and misery as far as our values and principles are concerned. If we let the sadness get to us, push us against the wall, change us, we will definitely lose, for sadness will have achieved its desired purpose. I’d like to quote as they say, ” The night is darkest just before dawn. ”

Coming to the stuff I am wearing, Firstly the Hair from MADesigns; I love the cap, it has good textures and is scripted for color change, the hair itself are nice and complement the style. The necklace and Piercings which are from .HoD. are new releases and I have added them to my list of favourites because I just love the design and the shading on them, they are available in two versions, I chose the one with white shading. The Hood and Pants are from Zoobong, again, some cool stuff and good quality over all. I am wearing the Veritas tattoo from my own store (of course) and the Tyson skin from Redgrave, let me know what you think!

On me:
Hood – Z Hood (Navy) : Zoobong
Pants – Zoo Jeans (Navy) : Zoobong
Hair – Ali (Leather) Black I : MADesigns
Necklace – Fallen Necklace (male) : .HoD.
Piercings – Fallen – Razor (male) : .HoD.
Tattoo – Veritas : HUZ-TATS

PS: The pictures are edited of course, as usual, it is only the lighting which I add/modify, no textures on items being worn are changed.

3 thoughts on “Upset”

  1. great look! Also, I think that we all need to acknowledge the sad, the mad as well as the happy in our lives.. as you said its all part of life, and the not so happy, makes us appreciate good we often take for granted *hugs*

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