Tuscany in SL


Second Life is massively popular in Italy. Ever since last november the Italian media started covering Second Life quite frequently, there has been a continuous flow of Italian residents to our grid. Since most Italians are not known for being polyglots , they tend to stick together in an increasing number of Italian sims where they can speak their own language. Some of which are really nothing more than a bunch of prims thrown randomly together, but others are real jewels. Like the recently opened sim of Toscana. I went there today to take some photo’s of Last Call’s latest release which I will cover on Second Style Blog. There is a beach, a disco (for the better Rimini feeling), but also replica’s of the bell tower of Pisa, the Florentine Cathedral and a delightful tuscan borgo, a little hill town. It’s a nice sim to just wander around, or to spend a Sunday afternoon with a bunch of friends at the picnic tables. Very Italian, very nice.

The photo is the Milena outfit, that is really lovely and sexy, but did not fit in well with the other photos. I love the contrast though of the dramatic black outfit with the clean drying laundry 🙂

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