Truth, Baiastice and for Collabor88

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I went back to Small Town Green today because it’s one of my favourite locations for pictures. I rarely take pictures on location because I tend to crash and crash again when lot of things need rezzing and I want to shoot at a large resolution, so it’s always a bit tricky for me. When I am on my platform, it’s fairly safe.
Anyway, I got lucky today, only crashed twice for this pic and I am wearing Baiastice for c88  here. The skirt comes in a very nice selection of uni colours and patterns and the top has a halter neck and leaves your back mainly free.
I’m also wearing Truth‘s Thelma, which is also a C88 item, as well as‘s Moxie heels.
I didn’t change my skin yet, so I am still wearing Glam Affair‘s Coral.

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