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Fact: even after almost 7 years in SL, I still can’t visit Tableau without wanting to buy ALL the things.
Earlier I saw a plurk that Toast Bard, the creator behind the hand drawn brand Fashionably Dead, in honor of SLB10 has dug up and repolished her epic Jellies and is selling the whole lot for as little as 100 L$. Mind you, these are pre-mesh and even pre-sculpty, so veritable SL vintage, but if you have some nostalgia for the early days of SL, like me, you will want to grab these. They work very well with my Gos Boutique prim feet btw,
Since I was there, I tried on and grabbed a few of Toast’s skin and I am wearing her Bird skin, with the Moffit brow tattoo which is an old Collabor88 item, also by Fashionably Dead.
Then I crossed the sandy road to Nylon Outfitters and got the sweater that named this post and the bantu loops hair (too bad it’s not available in my grey/white color, hence my choice for black).
And then I was broke and went back home and dug up the Chance capris from ColdLogic from the depths of my inventory and voilà, Sunday look.
My eyes, as usual, are by Ikon, and I am wearing Tuli‘s new prim teeth.

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