Tooter's Avatars


Tooter’s avatars, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

OK! OK… I’m weak… see… pumpkin…. but hey… it’s Samara’s fault… she directed me to Tooter Claxton‘s news stand with these awesome funny avatars!

From left to right:

The Eyeball avatar… there is little this fellow won’t see, because it’s eyes are blinking and turning everywhere

The Fashionista.. aka Onyamanya Copeseek avatar… see the match stick legs… owned by so many of the fashionable ones in SL .. the huge dramafilled mountain of musthaves Including the disposable puppy? This spendthrift pur sang has purchased a bit too much, because random things will fall from her arms as she moves.

The voodoo doll… yeah… it’s Halloween after all… besides… it’s just cute… and only 250 L$… which goes for all the avatars btw… oh and it’s transferable… so I may send someone a voodoo doll later today *chuckles*

and then there is Synthia Picassole… nude for art’s sake.. see those curves, the essence of femininity.. poetry in motion, linear perfection… hahahaha.. omg… I’m rambling again .. am I?

Oh well…. never mind.. I think this is a “must go now” for everyone who is still doubting what to wear tonight… or just because you want, like me, snort your drink all over the computer because they are so funny! You can also choose from a plucked (or non plucked) chicken avatar, a purple lounge lizzard… a little bug and many more.

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