To Wear a Hat……


Gospel Voom made a lovely new floppy summer hat, packed with texture options and other goodies.  Hats are really cool… but they can also be a pain in the you know where to make them look good!

Showing hair through the hat, is simply not an option. After all, we’re savvy fashion people and we want to look good (at least… I do… yeah, I know I should only speak for myself ). Although the hat comes with a resize option…. nah… don’t touch it, unless it is because of the size of your head, not the hair! What I usually do is, I copy the hair that I want to wear with the hat, and start editing the hell out of it (edit> edit linked prims> uncheck stretch both sides> play and have fun)  till every excess showing prim has disappeared into my avie’s head. When that is done, I save the hair in the same folder as the hat, because every hat needs their own hair editing. Pro tip: Do not ever, ever take off your hat in public, the shame is overwhelming!

For the really lazy, or motorically challenged (i’m both, but hey… I go a long way for looking good, so I took my time for this), a classy broad can always opt for a skin with hairbase, or one of available “stand alone” hair bases. Tiny Bird has a 2.0 tattoo hairbase for free, or you can chose the sculpted hairbases from Ce Cubic effect. Mind you… editing ahead….

More of GOS’ floppy hat later today

<3 Grazia

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  1. Some creators sell special hair to wear with hats, (without the upper part of the wig). I bought mine at BooN 🙂

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