Tiny Bird Cuteness


Tiny Bird Cuteness, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

Autumn Hykova, the creator behind Tiny Bird has been creating new textures. There are more textures now, they are softer, have more depth and a really, really pretty gloss. I’ve been playing with her new release Green Gloves all day and I can’t decide which texture I like best. But do I need to? I’m pretty much a chameleon anyway, so I can wear whatever I like.

However, if you are more picky than I am, there are tons of colours to choose from.

I also LOVE the new package. This is what the Great Personality, aka fat pack looks like. Such a pretty little nest with Tiny Bird eggs… click on the colour egg you want to unpack, and it’ll be delivered to your inventory. It’s a great way to keep your inventory count down as well. Keep the pack, and unpack the hair as needed, over and over.

Ok, last but not least, I just couldn’t help but sharing some of the colours that made me say O WOW as soon as I attached the hair:

SLurls are here

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