Them Apples


Them Apples, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

Just a quickie to share Reek’s latest release and Flowey’s lovely new skybox “Hide me in your pocket” with you.

Flowey’s Flutter Memel is a sweetheart. She’s one of my favorite (but currently not adding new) posemakers, and recently she caught the building virus and now she makes lovely, dreamy skyboxes. Riq Graves, from Reek is my go to creator for quirky well made stuffs. Last weekend he released these cowboy hats with 2 different hairstyles for the ladies (wearing Savannah) and also a hat only version which leaves you more freedom to mod your hair of choice to fit the hat. Also he made these saddle stools, with 6 animations, from cute and casual, to hilarious.

Other need to knows: skin Breeze by Curio, jeans by Atomic, tank by Niniko, boots by Hoorenbeek, scarf by Maitreya (xmas pressie).

SLurls are, as usual, listed here

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