The Taj


White Taj
My fascination with Muslim/Persian/Indian architecture is some what due to me being a Muslim myself, but for the most part it is because of the sheer beauty of it. I was pleasantly surprised when I visited the White Taj today, it is an exquisitely sculpted build, the details are so fine and the footprint, grand! Adjacent to it is another build, called the Black Taj which is equally, if not more, awe-inspiring. Pictures just won’t do justice to this project, which is indeed unprecedented, spanning two sims! If you are a fan of such, you need to visit it ASAP. Grazia will soon do a write up of the place in our Explore section as well!

Note : Picture has been photo-shopped to tweak lighting and add shadows.
Here is what I have on:
Top – Zaara : Adyan Kurta – White
Pants – Zaara : Classic Jeans – Black
Scarf – Zaara : Pashmina Scarf – Almost Black
Skull Cap – Gahfiya : Arabian Kofy
Sandals – J’s : Real Toe Men’s Belt Sandals
Hair – (Mod your favourite hair to fit the cap)
Pose – GEEZ : Male poses

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