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I am not sure about others but when I first logged into SL, I was pretty fascinated by the idea of walking/talking avatars are representatives of the RL beings. Later on I got to know, some avatars are modeled similar to the RL being while others are either complete opposites or random mixes. Yet, the inquisitive mind always beckons to know more (in most cases i.e.). No offense but all my close friends (only a handful) are very well known to me and I know them by their RL. I think most of the times it adds a required context to any relationship in SL, nevertheless this is, as I understand, a debatable topic, so I will leave it here as my personal opinion.

I wanted to do a picture on my SL AV and try to resemble my humble RL self as closely as possible, I got the idea from my friend Achariya Makhtoum’s flickr pictures where she posts her RL self and gives funny credits for skin and hair etc! Creating a look alike SL AV depends on hair, shape, eyes and skin. Strawberry Singh, a very close friend of mine helped me and pointed me towards any resembling skins and hair she knew. After trying some, I think this was as close as I could get..but it was an enjoyable experience. I will definitely be on the look for items to further improve the resemblance.

Credits for my RL
Hair : Home Stylist – My Brother
Skin : South Asian – Wheatish
Eyes : My Mother – Almost Black
Shirt : Basic Tee – ChenOne

Credits for my SL
Hair : Exile – Luis
Skin : DNA – Legacy
Shirt : Reek – Classic Tee

6 thoughts on “The SL me, the RL me”

  1. I think this is fantastic! My SL avatar is far more attractive than I am in RL LOL. I know very few folks who attempt to look like their RL selves in SL, but I applaud your twin. šŸ™‚

  2. I really love what you’ve done here — such a fantastic job, and a great idea! I may try the same thing. One thing, though, if you don’t mind me saying so: you have such a gorgeous nose in real life. Your avatar would look a lot more like you with a nose that looked like yours. (Myself, I have a very boring nose in real life, and in SL, I gave myself a nose with some character!).

  3. Ty all for such kind comments! Ty for the praises too!

    Ty Geddy, Ty Jordan, Ty Kitt and Ty Vaki

    @Vaki, thanks for the compliment, I think you are right, I will try to add some character to my SL nose as well!

  4. not interested in resembling my RL self..(is not called SL for nothing after all…)but is cool if you like that:)

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