The Problem With Press Releases……..


[update: October 06, 2009] 10 days have passed since I blogged this, and the basic RL info about said “Corporation” , which Mr. McMillan agreed to give asap, has not been disclosed as of yet.  I repeat, I have not been asking for sensitive corporate  information but for data that should be publicly available anyway, like a chamber of commerce no. and their investor relations webpage. Hence I’m leaning towards the conclusion that Mr McMillan has gotten carried away with the SL business play, and that there is no multinational behind his SL shop after all.  Also, you might want to check the comments to read what some of my readers have to add to the topic. *sighs*

… that they might raise awkward questions… like:  What Corporation is it you claim has taken over your uhm, high end SL business? It for sure is a question popping up in my head when I found Vasgez McMillan’s press release about Victoria-V being taken over by Switzerland, Germany and UK based Exclusiva Corp. So I googled… and googled… and yeah, googled some more and boy did I find interesting things… but nothing about said multi national, other than mentions in Victoria-V’s blog, and above mentioned press release on the feeds.

Since the press release offered precious little traceable information, I decided to contact the listed Exclusiva Director of PR, Candy Starsider, to get some more information about this corporate take over that apparently is about to facilitate customers to buy SL designs in RL, but Candy could not disclose as much as a registration office number for Exclusiva, or direct me to their corporate site and/or investor relations site, which I find odd to say the least. She kept saying that she was not allowed to disclose that kind of information, that they would gradually give out more information and that in due time Vasgez would absolutely answer my questions. Well…. I didn’t ask for their long time strategy or the past 5 years profit… I only wanted a website, or a verifiable chamber of commerce number. After all, their financial statements should be deposited there by legal requirements, and last 5 years’s profit should be public information anyway.

Considering the reluctance to share basic and public information about Exclusiva Corp. , or the lack of knowledge about the corporation Ms. Starsider is supposedly to be the Director of PR  (and thus an employee, getting paid, and hopefully getting pay slips as well),  to me it’s another case of bragging, of SL CEO group tagging and masking a simple SL re-branding with a “corporate”  take over, especially since a simple question lead to silence and defensive behaviour…..

If anyone can find something substantial on Exclusiva… by all means, feel free to comment, inform me…

8 thoughts on “The Problem With Press Releases……..”

  1. Yes, I was flabbergasted as well to read this. Especially since I have been told that VictoriaV is now actually Vasgez in SL, as the Victoria in RL took over the RL business from Vasgez after their RL divorce and Vasgez took over the SL business. But this is only hearsay of course, don’t pin me on this ‘rumour’.

    Corporate take-over smells to me like a lot of broo-haha.

  2. Dear Readers , dear Grazia Horwitz

    we will provide and show detailed infos – urls – tax numbers – paperwork asap as the new websites are all up and running. Its a pleasure for me an me team to provide you with informations

    Regards Vasgez McMillan

    P.s. to the nice comment from miss sascha giggles – no im not VictoriaV and yes this rumours the whole time – just funny love it – cheers

  3. Darling Vasgez, who are you kidding? I can search for the sites that you “stole” gown pictures from and proof it to the world, you steal pictures from different sites, I am sure you are good at Googling! Love you big drama liar! You brought me tons of fun!

  4. One more thing Vasgez, I found the FULL PERM SUIT template you BOUGHT from SLX, so it’s more like you BROUGHT SLX to SL not Bringing RL Brand crap to SL. Face it luv you big fat liar.

  5. Dear “mystic” Jewel, first i dont know you so i wonderd how you can call me darling – but anyway.

    I never postet on blogs or inworld that this tux is created by the RL company and i dont use cooperate logo for or on it – but anyway , YES its an template i tuned it and used it to make some tuxes very fast – do ya have a problem with it i dont and yes we have kinda similar looking tux also in our rl b2b webstore and warehouse so who cares – if you have a problem with it, feel free to contact me inworld or mention your SL complete name – have a wonderful day and stay tuned for new infos comming very soon

    ah and i dont want to forgett gretz to Grazia , you will get them first

  6. You’ve been bragging about your sl designs are all FROM YOUR RL BRAND since a year ago, i read it on blog and magazine. there is NO BIG BRAND designer will buy any FULL PERM templates in slx and sell it. Shame on you! I will create a notecard and send it to all the bloggers in sl and everyone will laugh at you!! have a great day!

  7. P.S I mean the Proof of all the pictures you download online and made it into “your gown”. Everything you ever said are just lies. I do feel sorry for you dear.

  8. lol, omg i used one template and retouched and build an MEN TUXEDO out of it OMG OMG OMG. have fun with that one item. NO other items are templates so stopp taling BS.

    I have no problem to tell that i used for ths ONE MENTUXEDO a template.


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