The Hangover




Sometime back I saw the very funny movie, “The Hangover”. The idea of waking up in the morning, not remembering anything of the night, not knowing how you got where you are, why you look like you do and well, wondering where the hell was everyone else; sounds pretty funny, long as it’s not you! This time, it was my avatar…at least the lipstick on the body is one relief..

Mr.Poet has some great messed up shirts, a lot of prims, but they sit well. I picked up the shirt and pants, both from Mr.Poet, the pants were surprisingly better than I expected, very nice texture and an excellent belt. The hair from Soap are probably my favourite for now, appropriately named, “Hangover”, messy hair along with a tie tied around the head, the tie is tintable so you can choose any color for it. The texturing on the hair could be better, but it is by no means a downer. The location is the very nicely made Truth Fashion sim, it has such nice textures and I really loved the alley with the dumpsters! Thank you Grazia for showing me the sim!

Shirt – Loose Shirt Black : Mr.Poet
Pants – Woven Pants Black : Mr.Poet
Hair – Hangover Black : Soap
Shoes – Easy Strider : HOC Industries
Tattoo – Heart Breaker : HUZ-TATS
Location – Truth Fashion

2 thoughts on “The Hangover”

  1. I am glad you at least remember me showing you the sim. I am NOT responsible for whatever happened to you after the bottle of scotch… i think….

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