The Evil Throne

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Evil Throne, a post named after this piece of furniture by Kalopsia, which is currently one of my favourite furniture/ prop shops. Everything is so well made that I could just buy everything there and eventually find a reason to use it. Like this throne. It comes with several seats, but I have picked one of my Slouch poses for this post because it shows off  better the stuff I am wearing.

Which is Truth‘s Lagherta hair, not the most recent of his releases, but it kinda fits the theme and look, no? I’m also wearing Belleza‘s Beth, which will be a mini release at Uber, a new event, starting tomorrow July 31! You can see the various make ups here  and Beth will be available in the skintones Pale and Sunkissed.
I am wearing one of Letis‘tattoos again, this time not a full body one called Inermis.

My clothing is by Ison. The new release is a tight, bodyconcious slip with leather trimming and also my jewelry is from Ison, currently still available at Collabor88!

See those gorgeous heels? They’re from Bushu, a new shop at The Deck and they are called Pagan, which for me also matches the theme of the pic again. Or maybe not, but they do fit the outfit!!!

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  1. I felt exactly the same way about Kalopsia when I found it this last week! Their style is just that little bit quirky, but incredibly well made – worth finding and keeping 🙂

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