Lazy, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz. Image edited in photoshop

It has been a really fun and busy week. Samara was visiting in RL and we’ve been out and about all week. I’m sorry to see her go again, but what a good time we’ve had! This lady has really become a wonderful friend over time and I’m glad she could arrange some time in Amsterdam!

TGIF? well, yeah, the downside of me running around all week between work and spending time with my friend is that by now, I am just, plain tired! In a good way, but nevertheless, I’m not up to doing anything but being awfully lazy today… and maybe blog some…

Riq Graves, the creator from REEK has made these slide sandals in a ton of colour combinations, and while in RL I’d rather not be found dead wearing stuff like this… it is so utterly symbolical for being lazy!!!!
The socks come with them. Either you opt for the socked prim feet options, or slide them on your naked pixel feet… they look dorky and trashy in a good way. I’m wearing them here with Aitui’s Her Boy Briefs in plain aqua and T-junction’s I’m a Fucking Princess t-shirt. Skin is Iman from KA designs, and my hair is from Truth… but I didn’t write down which one and now I don’t remember which one from the cazillion Truth hairs I put on for this pic……

SLurls are listed here

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