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*le Sigh* these are supposedly the dog days of summer…. but in The Netherlands, it feels like fall already with temperatures in the low 60’s, so  outfits like the one above are just spot on. Also, it’s Friday, so I wish all of you a wonderful weekend!

  • Magika Hair Roots Edition Luna by Sabina Gully
  • Laq Olivia skin (milky) by Mallory Cowen
  • Sn@tch Milla net shirt brown by Ivey Deschanel
  • Willow linen pants by Weezey Warwillow
  • GOS Pimp Your Pumps pointy plateaus by Gospel Voom
  • Miel Chum Necklace by Mika Nieuport

2 thoughts on “TGIF”

  1. I realise I’m a little late to this party, but I love this look. It’s simple, smart, and something I could see myself wearing in RL.
    BTW, is the Milla net shirt brown, or is that a typo? It looks blue in the pic and I’m yet to head in-world to search for it.

  2. LOL… i am even later, I only just noticed your comment. Sorry about that. No, the shirt is actually brown, a greyish mute brown which, with the settings I have used indeed looks like a blueish dark grey

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