Tara, or why I really should demo (even when it’s laggy)

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Hi peeps! Today at a super laggy and super full Uber, I managed to eventually do some shopping. I picked up a couple of goodies and this new skin, Tara, by Birth as well. I like what it does to my face. Birth makes skins that are pretty realistic, yet smooth and don’t look like the average underage SL woman. But while I was shooting it for this post, I started to notice the small shadow under the left side of the nose, and now I can not unsee it. At first, I thought it was my in world light set up, but nope, it’s really a shadow on the skin. I could probably retouch it and make it go away for pictures, but not on the blog. While I do process my pictures, I will never try to hide (perceived) flaws. Funny though that it actually disturbs me more on the outfit pic than on the close-up.
I get it, shadows are being put on skins to give the perception of depth, of complexity. A skin without shadows and highlights would look like poop! Flat and super boring. But like I have seen people complaining about harsh shadows on SL skins on one side of the face, so that you are stuck with a permanent left or right light direction regardless of where the light in SL actually comes from, with this skin I am stuck with… well yeah, a cannot unsee little shadow under my nose. So please dear skinners of SL, watch the use of your burn tools! Shadows yeah, but avoid hard spots, please!
The above message was brought to you by the Metaverse Board for the Promotion of Demos.


The close up is without any added make up layers, so it’s not a super bare look to start with. For the other pic, I added a couple of recent make up purchases, just because I can.

Hair by Tram, J1114 (Uber)
Mesh head by LeLutka, Nova 2.5
Skin by Birth, Tara (Uber)
Eyeshadow by Izzie’s, Soft Winter Glitter eyeshadow (Uber)
Lipstick by Fenom, Goddess lipgloss
Blush & liner by Warpaint, IWokeUpLikeThis4
Eyes by Suicidal Unborn, Aura

Earrings by LaGyo, Rich Life B
Top/Jacket by Neve, Blanche (Uber)
Trousers by Paper Arrow, linen ( Actually, I don’t think that Paper Arrow is still on the grid. It was a clothing franchise from Tegan Serin from Floorplan, but I am still loving these linen trousers really hard and I still use them. Maybe if you are old like I am, you still have them hidden somewhere in your inventory and this post will help you rediscover them)

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