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This is more or less what you would see me wearing at work if we were in the same building that is! I picked up the new suit at Addams, which consist of this hacet with various open/close options and shirt  and a separate pair of ress pants, which I chose not to wear today because… jeans!!

I fatpacked the jacket meaning that not only do I have 8 colours of this perfect basic blazer which can be worn open and closed, but also 18 shirt colors, 18 little pochettes and 18 bow tie options, which again comes in 2 versions, a tied one for the closed shirt, and an untied one for the open shirt, which I am wearing. Then you have  tucked, half tucked and untucked shurt options and oh well… you know me, options is one of my favorite words.

Around my neck is Cae‘s Amorous necklace because it’s February and Valentine’s Day is nearing and … Cae has a gift system so every guy needs to buy their lady something beautiful chez Cae! I’m not saying this because my sister will hit me if i don’t 😛  (besides, I am kidding. Cae would never ask me to blog her stuff… and I beat her harder anyway)  You can see the beautiful necklace better in the piccies below, btw!

I’m wearing it on Pixicat‘s Klara jeans because it’s the perfect slim jeans and it fits so well under mesh tops!! My shoes are Selena, from Bushu in ginger.

My Romy hair by Moon, I picked up at Fashion Fair 2015. What on earth happened to this massive RFL of SL kick off event that usually took place on at least 5 sims? There is only one now!! Or am I mistaken and is this not THE Fashion Fair?

Anyway, I named this post Sophie’s chapter for a reason, because Glam Affair will be back in The Chapter 4 this month with a mini series of 2 skins in Asia and Jamaica, Ellie, which we have seen already at other events recently and Sophie, which is a new face and so, so pretty!! Look at the different options and skin tones below for Ellie and Sophie/

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