Sometimes Fashion Is Not Enough


Ever since December 2006 I have been writing for Second Style blog. I love it, and probably will be blogging for a long time, but every now and then I would like to share some things with you that just are not appropriate on a fashion blog. Like for Instance the press conference with Bruce Willis which I attended the other day.

The guys at Silverscreen have really gone through a lot to recreate several spectacular scenes from Willis’ latest movie Live Free or Die Hard. It’s a great sim to do some heavy duty exploration as all over the sim you will find some awesome themed freebies made by Sachi Vixen and Damen Gorilla from Adam ‘n Eve. Who by the way also made the incredibly good Bruce Willis (Bee Dub) avatar.

But about the press conference. Timing was a bit awkward as Mr. Willis got stuck in the Los Angeles rush hour. So the gathered press, RL and SL alike, as well as some winners from a Bruce Willis contest first waited in anticipation for the actor to arrive at the venue where he would go live on stream to interact with the audence. This was actually quite a funny moment. A lot of the journalists from RL had never been to SL before and paniced when it became clear that moving around in SL is not quite what they expected.

SL resident: pls sit down
RL journalist: how?
SL resident: right click the poseball and choose sit
RL journalist: WTH is a poseball?

Things like that. After a bit it became clear that a little delay was actually quite a bit of a delay, and the audience started to be increasingly nervous. Some of them downright rude and pushy. Now you must know that 4:15 pm slt is actually 1:15 am for me, but I did not want to surrender to sleep and just kept talking with a couple of friends that where there as well. Finally Willis got on stream and the pressconference could start. Total chaos hahaha… people started shouting their questions… over and over again which were answered on stream (yep.. we actually heard Bruce Willis shouting Yippee Ki Yay and even sing a few notes for us). Unfortumnately lag took the better of me after a bit and in the middle of the Q&A my audio began to fail, shortly after which I crashed. When after several attempts I finally made it back in.. the Q&A was over.

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