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When last week Sophia Harlow professed her still ongoing love for Celoe‘s Lolong pants (despite them being among the first mesh items to hit the grid back then) I was like, hell yeah, they still stand out!! And while I usually keep passed years’ items boxed in my inventory, these are not, and that should tell you something. I wear them so much still that I don’t keep them boxed and archived! So why not blogging them again!?

I am wearing them with the new Raquel v-neck sweater from Ryvolter and La Gyo‘s Striped shoulder wrap, which is again an oldie from my intventory.
New is the Timey Whimey htings necklace from Cae which will be out for Geeks ‘n Nerds, starting on November 24.

New also is Catwa‘s Selma hair and still relatively new is Belleza‘s Grace skin. I am wearing my clothes over the Belleza Venus body today, so that works pretty well!

Last but not least, the laquered cult heels peeping out from under my Celoe pants are from Just Design!

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