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So Hood
So Hood 2

I was wanting to try the new Redgrave Skins and when I did, I totally loved the Tyson Skin, the deep tan is very alluring (for women I would assume) and well, it looks great, it does not have the bulging muscle shadows or huge abdominal muscles, the avatar looks fit rather than a professional body builder! I am wearing a very nicely made jacket from Mr.Poet with good sculpted parts and a nice fit. Zoobong makes some stylish pants and these Gym fleece pants are perfect for the sporty/casual look.

The hair from JP:dsg really took the cake for me, very very stylish, coupled with great menu options such as the color of the beanie and the buttons along with the option to reduce the beanie to a visor. The dread locks look pretty amazing and not so bland as some other similar hair styles are. The Ramesh aviators from Reek are a joy again, very simple yet cool, these come with a HUD which can be used to change frame, highlight and lens colors etc, nicely customisable.

The piercings and necklace from Mandala are fine pieces of work, nicely textured, great detail, a must have for accessory buffs. The finger tapes from Luck Inc are a nice add-on and are available pretty much for free. The tattoos are my own, the face tattoo being the most recent release.

Jacket – Houndstooth Blouse A2 : Mr.Poet
Pants – Gym Fleece (Black) : Zoobong
Hair – DreadHead/Black/Male : JP:dsg
Boxers – Deven Boxers : Zaara
Shades – Ramesh Aviators : Reek
Piercings – Takayama Face Piercing : Mandala
Necklace – Takayama Necklace Black : Mandala
Finger Tape – Finger Tapes : Luck Inc
Body Tattoo – Tribal Simplicity : HUZ-TATS
Face Tattoo – Duality : HUZ-TATS

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