SLink Miyu: Asian Beauty


SLink Miyu Face, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

The latest addition to Siddean Munro’s skin collection at SLink is a lovely Asian face. Miyu comes in 4, slightly desaturated, skintones (I bought my skins in fair, which is the 2nd lightest tone). I think my absolute favourite make up is the one with the glossy red lips and the blush high on the cheeks, that gives it a very youthful look, but there are 12 make ups per skin tone at this point. the highlights on the lips tend to be slightly pixeled in close up. But all in all, it is just a beautiful face.

SLink Miyu Body

The body is the same as on the previous Bijou skin, It has a lot of highlights, which either you like or not. I don’t think it’s exagerated, but it does have a very glossy look to it. It has a nice body definition. A well defined rib cage and a hint of abdominals. I’m not a huge fan of the nipples on this skin, I feel that they would look better if the aureola blended a bit more in with the skin, but that is personal ofcourse. Miyu has a cute behind and lovely hands and feet (!). I did spot a few faint seams on the legs. That might be something to work on for another release. It’s not very obvious, it requires a lot of zooming.

The skin come with a separate “pubes pack” in various tintable shapes, the fatpacks also contain as a mani/pedi pack as an extra prezzie.

Separates sell for L$ 1200. A set of 3 sells for L$ 2800 and a set of four is available for L$ 3100

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