SLDD: FuseMelon today!


A couple of weeks ago, Luna Jubilee and Express Zenovka from the Shopaholic feed have launched a new initiative,  SLDD, Second Life Daily Deals. SL Daily Deals will showcase each day one discounted item in limited quantity. Inspired by, the ShopaholicFeed Team aims to create a similar experience useful for residents of Second Life.

Every day, a new product will be showcased on the homepage, with a slurl to an inworld location. That product will be available through a special vendor at a discount for a limited number of purchases. Once the product of limited number is sold out, the vendor disables itself and the designer has the option to offer it at full price.

Some items will be one-of-a-kind exclusives or old favorites, regardless, it will always be at a great price but that price will be available in limited quantities.

Today’s SL Daily Deal is Melon Ball, by Aemilia Case from FuseMelon.  for 300 L$ this outfit can be yours. But only today, so make sure you come and get it at FuseMelon!

  • Flowy black pinstripe skirt
  • Over the knee black socks
  • Silver and black halter neck top with leaf design
  • Simple drop pendant on a silver chain
  • Seeking me hair with long low ponytail under a woollen cap.

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