SL Relay for Life 2007 is over….


and we went out with a bang! More that 32 million L$ were raised this year, which is a smashing success.Money that will be used for cacer research, for supporting people who are fighting cancer, their relatives and care givers. Not only in RL, but also the SL community will benefit from this with a permanent presence of th ACS in Second Life.

I would like to thank my Shopaholics team members for all their efforts and support that has lead to us being the 4th team in raising funds this year. Not bad for a bunch of first timers!

But I also would like to thank all our fellow fundraisers, from all other teams, as well as all the content creators who have been so kind to make special things of which all proceeds went to RFL. And ofcourse the people who have worked so hard behind the scenes to make this all possible, the SLRFL committee, the designers, the scripters, the angels who were always there to support the teams and answer our questions.

A special thank you for Fayandria Foley, the SLRFL chairperson. Without you Fay, your never ending enthusiasm and dedication, your hard work, and your inspiring personality, SLRFL just would not have been the wonderful experience that is was.

On the day after I am full of mixed emotions. I am glad that is it over, from February til the end of July is a huge time to commit to something in SL. I am also sad that it is over, because we all had so much fun during the campaign. I am glad because I have met a lot of really great people through Relay for Life, and it saddens me to know that some of them by the time next edition starts, will not be with us anymore.

The fight is not over, it will never be unless scientists do find a cure for this disease that comes in so many forms. So, I am looking forward to RFL 2008 and to all the beautiful things that will happen in between. Thank you all for letting me be part of it.

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