SL 2.0 face tattoos by Sachi Vixen


SL2.0 beta went live today, and though I was warned I’d probably hate it, I could not resist downloading the new viewer today. Well, yes, things work differently from the traditional viewer, but oh my… I have a killer performance so far. I had an ATI Radeon rendering bug which made my sky go all wonky (starry) if i didn’t uncheck the atmospheric shaders, or derendered the clouds… hey, what good is my killer new laptop when I can only use the low graphic settings to have a fairly normal view??

Well, people… I can tell you, that bug has been solved with SL2.0!!! I can enjoy the beauties of Windlight again…

and you know what? I can also enjoy the benefits of an extra face layer, for make ups or tattoos… or beauty marks, or freckles.. or… or… or…. The ones I’m showing are made by Sachi Vixen from Adam ‘n Eve. Can you imagine the possibilities??

Of course people have been discussing alread what this would mean for the skinners of SL, and the consumers… basic skins becoming expensive… having to pay a lot for additions? Well… I still want good skins and make ups… but I’d happily pay for a beauty mark, or a funky make up which I would not pay a whole skin for, or a scar, or.. well… the possibilities are nearly infinite I think!

So hello SL2.0… you’re weird… but weird isn’t necessarily bad!!!

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