Skin/Shape Expo: The Mega Shape Comparison


Skin/Shape Fair

So… we have a skin/shape expo, and almost half, if not more, of the merchants are shapers… then that calls for a shape post on More Than Meets the Eye, even if I’m not really comfortable blogging shapes. After all, even if I closed my shop about a year ago… I still consider myself to be a shaper, and I have a personal vision about what I think a good shape is. That’s why I have decided this post is not going to be a shape review, but a shape comparison.

I have taken 9 shapes, plus my own for reference, since that’s what you guys see me in all the time, and 3 skins and put it all next to each other, so you can see the difference. I’m sticking to the same order of shapes in all 4 series of pics (1 set of body pics, and the 3 x10 face shots).

The shapes used:

  1. my own
  2. MAD Designs – Estrella
  3. Shape it Up – Lucille
  4. Djin & Tonic shapes – Machan
  5. La Petite Morte – Ashaki
  6. SavoirFaireShapes – Mia
  7. Kittylicious – The Model
  8. Sophistishapes – Tulisa
  9. Leafy – Mona
  10. Shapes by Liz – Linz

OK… sit back and relax… some shapes look a bit weird on some of the skins, but hey…. for comparison’s sake…?

First, the series of body shots… these were all taken in the same frame, with a fix camera position, so the tall shapes are really tall… and the short ones… yes… really short (My length is 62  BTW)

For the faces it was difficult to keep a fix camera position, because due to the length of some shapes, and the shortness of others, you’d either see the boobs or the top of the scalp instead of the face. So beware… if the face looks much bigger than others… it’s likely bigger for real… but maybe not this much!

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  1. The Leafy Mona shape is my favorite. Proportions, features, skin flexibility, and size. Not that I plan on buying a shape, but still–gorgeous!

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