Skin Flicks Liza & Samantha


I was over at Skin Flicks earlier, and noticed these 2 new dresses. Since I couldn’t decide which one I like best, I decided to make it easy on myself and just bring both of them home. They come in a numer of colours and colour combinations, but I’m such a sucker for powder colours that I bought both dresses in beige, but as you can see, they are both quite different.

In the front is Liza, with a lovely neckline hem and really well done cap sleeves. and in the back is Samantha, which I just find very elegant with the narrow but deep v-neck. Both dresses have a very flattering high waist line and flowing skirt and it clearly shows how skilful Mavis McGettigan is at creating the illusion of a real fabric.

Other need to knows: Skin Shannen by KA Designs, hair by Truth. Mistral shoes by Adam ‘n Eve, bracelet by U&R Dogs (Ruriko Jewell)

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