Skin Fair Previews: Kianna by Mynerva


Kianna, the new skin from Mynerva is another one of my favourites. She’s such a cute and pretty girl! What I love about Mynerva skins is that they come in a non eyebrow version and that Mynerva sells different eyebrow styles on the tattoo layer. Not only different colours, but also different styles, thin, thick, bushy… you pick! Tattoo options are big on this year’s skin fair anyway. Most creators these days offer them, either separately, like Mynerva does, or included in the pack of your choice (often only usable for that particular skin and tone)

Anyway, back to Kianna. When I first saw her she reminded me a lot of the older, girly skins of Curio, but that was only in my mind. A skin to skin comparison showed me that it’s basically just the young freshness that they share, as well as a fuller shape of the lip.

Other need to knows: Augy glasses by Reek, hair Play by Elikatira and top Zoe by Ingenue

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