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I was never much of an online shopper. I strongly believe that our local entrepreneurs, even if they are franchise takes of bigger chains, deserve our patronage and that the Co2 footprint of online shopping is not exactly the sustainable choice. But Covid has changed this. Well, not my beliefs, but my behaviour. I do shop online more than I go to the shops nowadays. I’m simply not comfortable in town where a lot of people do not even know how to maintain the basic rules of social distancing, or the “shop alone, it’s not a family outing” signs that our local entrepreneurs so hopefully have placed all over town.
And yes, I have to admit, I do like fitting my new purchases in the calm and space of my own home way better than in the crammed and smelly fitting rooms that most shops have. Will I change my behaviour again when this pandemic is over? Too early to tell, honestly.

In SL though I prefer in world shopping way over the marketplace. Really, LL should take a look at online shopping portals and completely remake their outlet. Improving the experience for both the customers (better filters, better design) and for the merchants alike (the listing process is pretty obsolete and unneccesarily tedious and annoying). So watch me hitting the shops!

Jacket Back to you by Candy Kitten
Top Racerback by Erratic
Midi skirt by Très Blah
Scarf Dallas by Salt & Pepper
Pose & Bags Shopping day V2 by Amitie

Hair Shadow by Truth
Mesh head Fleur by LeLutka
Skin Marina by Amara Beauty
Eyebrows Zero by Suicidal Unborn
Eyes Justine by Euphoric
Eyeshadow smokey by Suicidal Unborn
Lipstick Liu by Velour

Backdrop Townhall by Minimal

What do you like better? Shopping in world, or on the marketplace? And why? Tell me in the comments!
And as always, stay safe and be kind to each other!! ♥

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