She loves the pool… but not for swimming

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Instead she loves to lounge under a parasol, sipping cocktails and flirt with the gorgeous men that engage in a parade of bronzed well trained male bodies.
She might pretend to read a book…. don’t be fooled, nothing escapes from behind those Holly sunglasses by Redgrave. Enjoying her pale, barely sun touched complexion on her Belleza Ava skin, which stands out among all the tanned bodies,  she will meticulously apply her spf 50, careful not to make stains on her glamorous new Revere bathing suit from Miamai or on her voile Lika Ruby scarf. Kindle, credit card and lotion will neatly fit in her leather wristlet from Mon Tissu. Other accessoires are the Yakushi set by Mandala. Vanity Hair is responsible for her sleek updo (Collision) and she’s wearing the Helena sandals by Redgrave… she can’t really walk on those, horrible fit really, but gosh… they look awesome while lounging on the recliner.

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