Shades of Terra

Casual fashion LOTD

Laid back elegance is a recurring theme on my blog. I love the concept of exquisite fabrics like linen and silk combined with casual design. When translating that to SL, the above look is pretty much what you’d get. The linen look Easy Day trousers from Jane is fatpack material. It is a basic in my inventory. I am wearing it with the Satin Ruffle top in blood from Leverocci and I can just see the ruffles play with the spring breeze. Lethally high heels have no place in this style of clothing so instead I have chosen the Jane Wedge sandals from Ingenue. Accessoires are kept simple with Mandala‘s brown 7Luck bracelet and gold Hannya necklace. Today’s skin is India, from The Body Co and the hair I am wearing is Dee, by Truth.

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