Sexy Curves at Hucci: Ashli

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 I’m on quite a crappy mobile internet right now.. but hey… when blogging fever strikes, even crappy connection will do I only hope that the image quality on this connection, on my computer, is not what it’ll look like for you, because this is NOT my usual image quality. Gah, I hate these pixelated images I have been seeing for the past few days now. Hopefully my ISP will keep its promise and fix my connection tomorrow (5 days after calling them for support!!!… bad, bad service UPC!) or I am going to be either rage- or sadface for a long time, and possibly both at the same time.

Anyway, crap connections aside, Hucci has just released one of the smexiest mesh dresses I have seen since mesh was introduced to SL. Ashli comes both in sequined versions and satin versions, and the sapphire satin I am wearing here is just hot. Eboni  follows the standard sizing, but has added a few variations of her own for the more curvaceous among us, and damn… it works out just fine! Go demo these gorgeous dresses. I am wearing it here with N-core‘s Caprice and Wasabi Pills Magician hair in powder (with hat). The bangles are from Zaara‘s from her Nizam set and I am wearing The Body Co‘s Lilac skin.

Taxi to Hucci

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