I know… it’s a cheesy title.. but geez… there is a lot of newness  again this weekend and I’m having a hard time picking stuff to feature here when I also want to have a chance to enjoy this gorgeous weather, while taking painkillers because my mouth still hurts after  last week’s visit to the dentist for some maintenance work. So excuse my lack of inspiration for bright and witty blog titles 😛

Truth, Exile and Rezlpsa all have awesome new hair out. Truth brings us butterflies with Mariposa, Kavar outdid himself with this week’s release AND hairbases in his colors/ textures. <3 Kavar!! and Rezlpsa has this lovely blown hair out which is called Caroline, and though it’s absolutely not named after me, I still like seeing beautiful things bearing my SL or RL name.

Other need to knows: Skin Sia by League, butch tank top in blue by Sn@tch

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