Sale @ Clutter by Flutter


Ok, so here is the deal. My friend Flutter is having a sale. And not just a sale… she’s having an emergency sale

I just opened oficial location and i didn’t plan any sale soon but rl came across my plans. long story short – the scholarship program that was helping me pay school fee is having financial problems this year and has no funds for the last semester so i deiced to make a sale to raise some money for the tuition fees.


skybox are now 250-250-125-50, this bargain will never happen again!

ps. i will have few small releases next week, also under the ‘for tuition fees’, poses and maybe some skybox wich most likely will be out only for limited time, so stay tunned. thank you in advance guys!

I have been having some fun with Flutter’s beautiful skyboxes. They make lovely homes if you have little space, and in my case, I love using them as decor for pics that I take. So what better way to share some of Flutter’s pretties than to share some pics?

The Very First Flat:

The Sunbeam:

Beirut – Nantes:

Taxi to Clutter by Flutter



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