Sacha's Trouble


Sacha’s Trouble, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

Ms Frangili, the designer of Sascha Designs is just getting better and better… the texture of this gown Trouble is amazing, and I had a hard time picking a colour… they are all lovely. Like with all her work, she likes to include options and is totally affordable. This gown comes with 5 different skirts from sleek and transparent to the full battleship gown, and of course you can wear just the system skirt for an ultra sleek effect as well and all that for just L$ 400! I only forgot to ask her for a moddable version of the shoulder piece, since my boobs are not that big. Usually the various attachments are moddable though, so it might have been a mistake that this one isn’t. Anyway, no reason not to blog this beauty.

I’m also wearing the Ami amet deli pencet vine earring from Alchemy Mortalis, the Bailey honey VIP group gift skin from Atomic and Truth’s Tanya in walnut

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  1. This gown is a winner for the season. You’re something like the 4th or 5th that’s written about it that I know of. There are probably many more.

  2. yes… I just noticed Stella’s lovely review of Trouble. LIt’s nice to see all the different interpretations of this gown 🙂

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