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Last week someone mentioned  “how many tank tops one really needs”. Well, let me tell you, I never have enough well made tank tops. With the emphasis on well made. I know there are a lot of templates around, slap on a texture, tadaaaa, tank top. yeah…. I don’t mean those. But this tank, made from scratch by Darling Monday from… yes please. Not only does it have the subtlest spaghetti straps, I also really love the way it fits and the textures and colors.  I hope we can expect more mesh from darling coming soon, because this is good schtuff!
I’m wearing it with some more items from Fairy Tales, which is running til July 8. So Many Styles has these awesome maxi skirts out that I have been wearing for days now and being in white and black, you can combine them with anything you want, really. From Glow Studio is this mint Ruffle flower necklace which in its simplicity is just a really lovely accesoire.
One of the big mesh surprises from the last week is Dela. They have started to release mesh hair, and I must say, style, fit and textures impress me! Instant fan, seriously! Today’s skin is Lily V1 from Belleza and the teeth are from Baiastice.

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  1. I just want to thank you for this blog post. I had almost forgotten what it’s like to have something of mine blogged with such kind words and I really appreciate it. I’ve spent so much time this year learning mesh and rigging that it’s a relief to finally start releasing. I feel a bit lost among the template items I see all over the blogs but..I can’t really blame anyone for using them. I know how costly it can be to take the time to learn it yourself. I promise I am working on more mesh items that aren’t tank tops :).

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