Rock Me


Rock Me
“Looking like a Rock star” is often a very nice compliment, yet open to so many different interpretations of the “look” itself. When I decided, I wanted to be a Rockstar today, I wanted to look different yet stand out. Some great Soap hair, a nice Ce Cubic long coat coupled with the Rockstar pants at Zoobong and some great poses and a guitar prop from Glitterati did the trick for me, I am wearing a tattoo from my own store again, only because I felt it was warranted on merit! Hope you all like it too!
How to become a Rockstar:

Jacket – Ce Cubic : Coat Long & Short
Pants – Zoobong : Rockstar Pants (Red)
Hair – Soap : Fury (Red/Black)
Glasses – Reek : Park Shades
Pose & Prop – Glitterati : Rockstar M
Tattoo – HUZ : Horn-Eye
Shoes – Akeyo : Lowtop Chucks

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